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Spring and Summer are on the way

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Well here we are right around the corner from spring and summer weather activities, and that means that AC weather is on it's way. So we suggest that your AC system should have maintenance to keep it running at it's best for the summer.

You might think, well how important is it to have my AC system serviced?

Did you know?

An AC unit that is not properly charged with refrigerant WILL cost you a lot more to operate and your comfort level suffers also.

An AC unit that has a dirty outdoor coil will cost you more to operate and WILL cause repair issues and sometime complete system failures.

A slow running drain can cause moldy odors or worse and water issues on the floor or ceiling if your furnace is in the attic.

A dirty indoor coil due to poor filtration can grow mold and create water problems also it will effect you cooling capacity inside your home.

So yes, your AC system does need maintenance.

You can get on our list right here on our website or you can call the office at 270-926-4367

Now if you need a replacement system we can handle that too, we do replacement work everyday. We carry 2 brands of equipment that will meet every need, American Standard and Lennox. We also have financing to fit many budgets. We also can do an air quality test of the air inside your home at no charge with your estimate, this tells us what is in the air and how to take care of it.

If you want to schedule an estimate you can call the office at 270-926-4367

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Struggling with a leaking pipe repair? Can't keep your home warm/cool? When you need a plumber or an HVAC technician in the Owensboro, KY area, look no further than Henry's Plumbing Incorporated Heating and Air. You'll get service from a team that knows how to treat you right. As a locally owned and operated business, we've been serving our neighbors since 1979, and we're ready to help you.

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You can even let us handle any drainage issues on your property. Call 270-926-4367 now to schedule your HVAC services.

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You don't want to welcome just any technician into your home. Finding a reliable professional for your plumbing or HVAC services is a must. When you're looking for a pro, turn to Henry's Plumbing Incorporated Heating and Air. We've created an exceptional reputation due to our:

Qualified technicians-all of our technicians are fully licensed
High-quality work-we bring over 40 years of experience to every job
Timely service-we won't make you wait for service, and we handle emergency calls

If you've found a leaky pipe in your home, don't delay your plumbing services. With a trustworthy and experienced team on the job, you can get your home back in perfect shape in no time. To see what some of our previous customers think about us, check out our Testimonials page now.