Don't Make Leaking Pipe Repair a DIY Project

Don't Make Leaking Pipe Repair a DIY Project

Let the experts handle your repairs in Owensboro, KY or the surrounding area

While everyone knows the phrase "lefty loosey, righty tighty," most plumbing repairs require a bit more effort. A DIY repair gone wrong could result in an inoperable toilet or leaky pipes. When you need plumbing installation or repair services, rely on Henry's Plumbing Incorporated Heating and Air. We can install and repair toilets, sinks, drains and faucets.

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5 common plumbing repairs

No job is too big or too small for our dedicated team. Some of the most common problems we deal with are:

1. Leaky pipes
2. Broken faucets
3. Clogged drains
4. Low water pressure
5. Replacement water heaters - tank and tankless systems

While a leak may seem like a minor issue, it can have major effects. A leak in your home could lead to extensive water damage if left alone.

For efficient and accurate leaking pipe repair, turn to our team. Contact us now if you need emergency leaking pipe repair services.